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20 Oct
Green House Concept admin Comment

What it is and How Does it Work? 

The greenhouse is a sort of defensive condition gave to plants to shield them from nature's wrath and vermin. In India, the most prevalent type of greenhouse is a polyhouse in which protection is given by utilizing a 200 micron thick synthetically treated polythene.

So the Greenhouse concept is the system of giving ideal conditions to the plants. It is fairly used to shield the plants from the unfavorable climatic conditions. While greenhouses have existed for years in different pieces of the world, in India utilization of nursery innovation began distinctly during the 1980s and it was for the most part utilized for research exercises.

This might be a direct result of our accentuation, so far had been on accomplishing independence in sustenance grain generation. Anyway as of late in perspective on the globalization of the universal market and gigantic lift and fillip that is being given for fare of agrarian produce, there has been a spurt in the interest for nursery innovation.


The Indian government has advanced polyhouse innovation everywhere scale through different appropriation plans. The most widely recognized and prevalent is under NHM (National Horticulture Mission). At that point, various states have distinctive sponsorship plans and in sloping states, the appropriation is higher coming to up to 85%.  

In the correct direction, you should approach the agribusiness or cultivation authorities of your place. They can give you the best direction. You can develop any kind of plant in polyhouse yet for getting the most extreme increases you should select off regular vegetables or colorful vegetables. you can gain well by developing blooms all the year-round.  Creation is never an issue in polyhouse, however, the market is the main problem.

Developing plants is both a workmanship and a science. About 95% of plants, either nourishment yields or money harvests are developed in an open field. Since the days of yore, man has figured out how to develop plants under common natural conditions.


The emphasis is on helping you comprehend the fundamental ecological components, and frameworks associated with nursery the board and the abilities important to deal with the nursery environment.

There are numerous assets accessible on the standards of nursery designs and the different sorts of nursery structures accessible to you, this isn't a seminar on nursery plan or potentially development, and expect that you will apply your nursery the board expertise in a generally very much planned and prepared nursery whether it be a business green-house concept, an exploration/showing office, or a home nursery.


In a portion of the calm districts where the climatic conditions are amazingly unfriendly and no harvests can be developed, man has created strategies for developing some high worth yield ceaselessly using the greenhouse concept.

To know more about the greenhouse concept for architecture visit nakshewala.com. NaksheWala is providing such house plans and house elevation which is more likely to follow this concept.



Getting the perfect results depends upon the process you’re following. The same applies to house designs too. Having the ideas in mind and having it depicted over a paper are two different things, and to get your ideas to portray perfectly you need a professional designer. House is the dream of every person and NaksheWala fulfills their dream. Our main goal is to make your house beautiful, comfortable, and long-lasting.

To build a house, you need a complete set of construction plans that will include floor plans, Vastu house plans, Structural drawings, electrical drawings, Plumbing drawings, 3d front elevation, working drawings, and many other types of diagrams which are offered by us. We at Nakshewala.com provide Architectural services at affordable prices. NaksheWala.com has introduced its customized house design service in the year of 2012. Customized Home Design includes an exclusive design cut of your requirements. We provide a customized house design in various steps or you can say phase. NaksheWala.com's first designs, customized floor plan as per given plot size, requirement, family structure, and comfort.

House Plans are being exclusively designed for each client. In-home plan, you get a thorough idea of the location of each unit such as kitchen, bedroom, toilet, living room, drawing room, and pooja, etc. We also do basic furniture layout of the floor plan so that you have proper information about where to place the furniture.

After getting approval on the customized home plan, we move forward with a customized 3D Elevation design. In this, we give exclusive design, the latest themes, and follow new trends. We do take care of your taste for the theme, color combinations, tiles to be used, and other materials. 3D elevation we make follows your preference because it is exclusively designed for you. By 3D Front Elevation one can know the outer look & feel of the house, door window location, balcony, etc. It gives you an opportunity to see the final outcomes of the construction prior to its completion    

The last phase of customized House Design is technical drawings designing. Technical drawings include structure details, working details drawing, plumbing details drawing & electrical drawings. While doing technical drawings, we keep in mind the earthquake zone, soil type, set-backs, load-bearing capacity, and other essential details. Our certified architects design technical drawings so smoothly that your contractor can easily understand that.   

At last, after all, designs handover, we do offer telephonic support during construction if it is required by any of our clients.

To know more about customized house design, interior design, elevation design, you can subscribe to our newsletter and can get all the information over mail. You can visit our Facebook page to get the latest updates on all activities. You can also follow us on Instagram to see more of the new home interior, home elevation, floor plan, house design, etc.

 Hope you find the above information relevant will opt for customized house design by nakshewala.com and get benefits through it. If you like the content given do give a thumbs up, also share your feedback in the comment section.





Interior Designing! What does it mean? Why do we need interior designs? Well, Interior Designing is something that gives a new meaning to one’s place.  The Interior defines the beauty of every corner of the house. Some people do not understand the true meaning of interiors. It is not just to decorate your room or coloring the walls. It is all about, making each and every corner so magnificent that it stands out.

Interior Designing is such a beautiful and creative process, of making your home graceful, elegant, and comfortable in all manner. Interior designing is giving a structure, making arrangements, furnishing, and decorating a home in such a way that it naturally offers you lavishness, spacious, comfort, and luxurious ease. 


Interior designing is an important need in today’s architecture. Brand new vision and futuristic approach is the ultimate goal of interior designing. Interiors can give a whole new outcome of what you have in your mind for your dream home. So if you want your house to stand out in the crowd then you must hire an interior designer to do the job.

Nakshewala.com is dealing with Interior Designing since 2012. We are an online interior design consultancy and provide interior designing online in India and across the world. We can give your home well-sounded magnificence in respect of works and living comfort. NaksheWala has a unique mindset and approach for each client. As every individual has different requirements, tastes, and preferences, therefore, we start with a detailed discussion with the client, to know him/her better, and to give the most satisfactory result. At this stage, we try to infer as much information as we need. Only then our designers decide the theme for the interior with the client’s coordination, then designing starts.

Our professional architect and interior designers focus on the need and requirements of the client to develop a dream home as per their expectations. In Nakshewala.com we have an efficient and dedicated team especially for the Interiors, we provide you a designer who understands the need for the present time and have a vision for the future as well, in a cost-efficient manner.


For each building type, our designers provide the design with a futuristic and innovative approach, which is based on an energy-efficient system, an appropriate selection of materials to adjust to environmental conditions, and long-term performance. Wallpapers, painting, flooring, lighting, door, furniture, home textiles, all requirement needed to turn your project into reality are only our responsibility.  Our team does work on your project as per your need and comfort so that you can easily follow your project progress along with the project plan we have prepared as we plan the project with specific deadlines to complete the project.


Our interior designing team makes sure that the expectations and aspirations are met, that too within the budget. We carefully select furniture, mirrors, bedding, accessories, color co-ordination, blending them with an exquisite display of fabric and wallpaper. With a number of clients in Delhi, other cities of India, and international as well, we have years of experience and versatility to give the much-desired touch to the interiors of your dream places. We provide complete personalized and customized interior design services to full fill your expectation.

I hope the information provided here will help you. Do share feedback for the same in the comment section. Hit the like button if find it useful. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the email of our new updates.

20 Oct

Being an architecture designing organization, Nakshewala.com today we would like to share a small clarification on floor plans designing. There are a lot of popular house plans available, one of the most popular among all is the 55x50 west facing Vastu house plan, and it is the most common plot size we see. 

Mr. Satinder Singh one of our esteemed clients who selects the complete architectural services from nakshewala.com. He has the plot of 55x50, facing to the west. He has this firm belief in Vastu science. So we made a suitable exclusive Vastu compliant house plan for a 55x50 west facing plot as per his requirements.

The floor plan we have shown in the right is made by team nakshewala. As the client’s first preference for every unit was as per Vastu hence in the planning nakshewala has focused on how we can build a good house with less use of land with Vastu compliance. In the floor plan, we have given sufficient parking for cars where two cars of medium size can be parked easily. A car porch with a beautiful garden gives a lavish feel and also gives a beautiful exterior house design. The entrance from the main door will take you to the drawing hall where we have given a double-height design which gives a good house interior as well as a ventilated house plan. Our priority was to make everything easy to understand therefore we have given the furniture layout in the complete house plan to see how the plan looks after putting the furniture in it. With the very new futuristic island kitchen concept, we have given an alluring dining space with a kitchen. We also placed a storeroom in the backside of the kitchen for easy storage. To enjoy the best moment of life nakshewala has given a small barbeque section in the southeast corner. Last but not least in the floor plan nakshewala has given the wardrobe in the bedroom with the proper sitting arrangement. Rounded staircase to give a classy look to your house. All an all nakshewala gives you an option to plan your dream house in an efficient and effective manner.

To know more about house design, house plan, and elevation visit NaksheWala.com. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for email updates on topics related to house designs, interiors, elevation, and construction. You can follow us on various social media platforms available like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest to see the latest updates from us. 
I hope the information will help you to understand the house plan more, and give a better idea of planning. Do share your valuable feedback in the comment section if you find the article relevant.

20 Oct

3D Elevation design is an effective way of representing the house design in 3d so that the owner can get clarity for his need in construction. Elevation designs always open so many possibilities as it makes understand the outer appearance of the house. It saves the cost of alteration which may occur if don’t know actually what you want. You will get this or that, you may not like, which leads to alteration and affects your budget. 3d front elevation is the house exterior design which gives a feel that yes you have invested your fortune in a good way.

NaksheWala.com offers a customized 3D elevation designing services. We are using the latest technology and futuristic ideas to make lasting modern elevation designing. We are showcasing one of our designed 3D Modern Elevation to give a better understanding of Front Elevation Designing.

Mr. Ajeet one of our esteemed clients has a plot of good size. His concern was to make a 3d front elevation which covers 3d house design as well as complete Vastu 3d front elevation.  Concern regarding the house design is a big headache now a day’s people have a different mindset regarding the house design. When we started the 3d front elevation we face many challenges regarding the Vastu because of the plot direction which is a west-facing plot but the end always good we did it at the end. Let me take you on a tour with the 3d front elevation which we made for Mr. Ajeet.

In the elevation, we have designed two floors where the ground floor made for two bedrooms and two commercial purposes. To maximize the beauty of the house exterior the complete design has been made with the use of wooden tiles, wall paints, wooden planks, CNC jaali, grooving, glass, etc.

In 3d front elevation nakshewala team specifically, consider the privacy for each bedroom. In the elevation, we have separately given balcony to each bedroom which makes elevation fascinating. In the Vastu elevation, we have to consider some points which come under Vastu planning i.e. Structure must be heavy as the side of south and southwest for that we have given the pergola at southwest corner to follow the Vastu.

In the end, we would like to say that when we are planning a good house from internally we should be equally focused on the exterior design too that’s why 3d elevation gives you a completely new view of your house.

I hope you find the article above relevant. To see more new modern front elevation design you can visit our elevation design page. You can also subscribe to our Youtube channel to see the latest designs and you can follow us on various social media platforms present.


20 Oct
2BHK 3D Floor Plan admin Comment

The 3D floor plan is the internal design of the house to make houses beautiful. Our esteemed client Mr. Amit Gupta is a builder by profession he builds many buildings every year. He has a plot of approx. 1000 sq ft. When he comes to nakshewala he had a major concern regarding the internal design, we proposed a customized 3D floor plan as a service. We gave him a thorough brief about the perks of having a 3D Floor Plan and how it can be designed easily with us by having our online customized 3d floor plan service. Once all the points were discussed he found the service very useful and took it. Let us give you a brief knowledge of the 3D Floor Plan. 

Planning is called one or two-step before execution. We should start the floor plan designing at least 3 months prior to the construction so that, we have all the required drawings to facilitate the execution. Planning can be of the floor plan, house plan, or home map here we are explaining the planning for the online 3D Floor Plan.

As we all know about the plan/map or naksha falls into the category of 2D Designing. Here we are talking about a 3D Floor Plan, as the name describes it comes in the 3d designing that how our house going to look from internal. In the 3D Floor Plan, we cover almost 65% of the interior designing concept which gives the lavish design for your house. A Structure of a house could be done with the help of a floor plan but a complete house look & feel after the designing and the planning of furniture can only be shown in a 3D Floor Plan. In 3D Floor Plan we nakshewala.com provide the complete house designing from internally. 3D Floor Plan comes with the complete wall paint, wall texture, Flooring, Furniture designing, kitchen interior, bedroom interior, drawing room interior, etc.

Let us elevate you to the 2BHK 3D Floor Plan we made for our valuable client Mr. Amit. He has a fine requirement for the first floor that is 2 bedrooms, an open modular kitchen, dining area, and a lavish drawing hall.  2BHK 3d floor plan by nakshewala.com fulfilled his all requirements. After external stairs, we gave the entrance to the first floor. Once you enter the house you will get to see a lavish drawing area, having fine furniture with mild wall colors. The dining area is just looking astonishing in the right of the drawing-room. We have given a common toilet and OTS, easily accessible. The open modular Kitchen is in the south-east corner, having wonderful cabinets, futuristic technology, and mesmerizing light effects. At the other corner, we have designed a beautiful master bedroom with a king-sized bed, cozy sofas, and wardrobes. The Master bedroom also has an attached toilet & dresser. We have also given a normal bedroom with an amazing color combination and queen-sized bed. Overall 2bhk 3D floor plan designed by nakshewala.com is just breathtaking.  

3D floor plan cannot be done without the perfect combination of selection and collection of color and furniture, our nakshewala team makes the 3D floor plan with the very creative eyes. The team gives full attention and dedication to every planning for making your house beautiful.
As we know everyone lives in a house and everyone has a dream to make their house beautiful here we work for you to make your dream house with the help of creative planning, color combination, wall texture, etc.


21 Oct

Growing is a process, that is two way. No one can grow individually, we always need one shoulder for support, Nakshewala has started their venture individually and they have added many shoulders so far. Nakshewala has started in the year 2012 and made a drastic change in architecture designing services. Initially, we started with a room, which we used to call our office. There were very few members of the team when we first started. Gradually, we learned many things, had support from many people. People showed faith in our work and we made a difference. Since we have the support and we were supportive as well, we started to move forward and never looked back. Over time, our team and office both got expanded and we are moving on that way since then.

Once our team fully got established, we have added many Builders, Civil Engineers, Property dealers, etc. with our process to facilitate more smooth designing services. Since we started from zero we knew the struggle of the small local service providers. Hence, Nakshewala arises with helping hands to support to all local service providers. Nakshewala offers a good quality service that differentiates itself in a different segment and the same we expect from our associates. We are eager to learn from them and pass on our experience to them.

Designing is not only the concern now a day’s people want more than design they want quality service, a good return on investment. People are more concerned about their home design they want the unique design in less investment. Here nakshewala provides pocket-friendly designs. With our well-qualified team, we provide the best services in the market. Timely deliver project help to earn more. NaksheWala works on satisfaction and makes it happen with efforts.

With each passing day, as we are open to any kind of associate, we are also available to be a vendor too. We believe in mutual growth so set our cost in that way, we can both enjoy the profit. We are an online designing consultancy, based in Delhi NCR and operates all over India from here only. We have associates like vendors, builders, property dealers, civil engineers, and contractors in various cities. We also motivate local service providers to join us, such as carpenter, civil workers, plumbers, electricians and etc.

So, if you are a local service provider, a builder, or a contractor you can get along with our process. It is very easy to associate with NaksheWala.com and secure too. We will open a path of opportunities for both of us. So join us to be a part of a leading architecture designing firm, which provides Customized House Design, Readymade House Plan, Readymade House Design, Readymade Floor Plan, Front Elevation, 3D House Elevation, and technical drawing.

Do let us know what you think about the information provided here. Share your valuable feedback in the comment section below. Subscribe to our Youtube channel and newsletter to get notified about our latest updates. You can find us on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

21 Oct
Emerging Business Online admin Comment

To build a strong & Successful empire, you must build a strong and deep foundation to hold the structure. When you’re about to make an impact on the world around you, the difficulties always become the hardest to overcome. There is an ultimate destination of success just after leveled up difficulties, you have to be patient and courageous to make that happen.

In this modern time, there are a lot of websites that start and closes on a daily basis. Only those sites make a way that has the motive to serve the community of one and all that has shared interest.  To stand out in the crowd you have to be unique and have the creativity to attract the audience.  

Many companies emerged on an online platform but we never think that one day we will get architectural services online without going anywhere. Nakshewala.com has fulfilled that dream too. Nakshewala.com one of the best Indian companies that provide Architecture services online with the highest work efficiency in terms of client satisfaction, Need fulfillment, Project understanding, etc. Nowadays to understand the requirement on calls make thing easy where NaskheWala gather the complete details of the project then they start working on that where we can create a good symbol from the first initial design. We believe to discuss the requirement in an effective way in the first call so that we do not bother the client again and again. Being on an online platform NaskheWala has increased its reach globally. Being on the online platform nakshewala now more capable to understand the taste of our clients from different regions.

Initially, NaksheWala started with an idea of giving online designing services for all architectural drawings such as Floor Plan, Home Plan, House Plan, etc. all over India and across the world. We presented our customized house design service online, which were and are giving a customized and exclusive, Vastu oriented house plan. That covers the layout of the house, dimension of various parts, planning, and furniture layout. The customized house floor plan gives you an opportunity to have the designs as per your need, fully centralized to your requirements.

House Designing also includes 3D elevation design, structural drawings, and interior drawings. NaksheWala has introduced all the services stated above online. Interior designing service in India is the most taken and in trend. We provide customized interior designing, in which we do space planning, provide furniture layout. We discuss all the requirements in detail and decide on a specific theme for the interior of the whole house. Interior designing is the process of giving your space a creative touch with expertise.

NaksheWala is the best designing consultancy that gives all kinds of designing services Online. To get more information about our services subscribe to our newsletter and Youtube channel. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to see more of the update of our design. Also, share your thought on the information provided in the comment section given below.



Nowadays, online purchasing is in trend, it saves our time, cost, and efforts of wandering here and there in the search of the best service provider. Online sales/purchase is easy to access and can be very effective for producers as well as consumers. In case of “Online House Design,” we have a lot of sites which gives online architecture services, one of them is NaksheWala, here we are providing various kind of architecture and interior designing services customized and ready-made at a very affordable cost.

There are a lot of things that should be taken care of while we browse online for house design and make purchases. Here are various points to brainstorm while doing so:

  1. Quality:   A house is something which will be with you throughout, so you need to consider the quality of designs in terms of layout, structures, etc. because one can compromise with cost but one can’t comprise with quality. Nakshewala.com is considered one of the best online websites which provide the best quality plans, elevation, and overall house design. You can browse through the website Readymade House Design

  2. Cost: Buying online can be tricky as well, first of all, you should consider all security measures and then do the payment. You should be satisfied that the thing you are paying for will be given to you safely.  Also, the comparison should be done in the cost and quality, the ratio of two of them should be good. If it satisfies you, then purchase can be done.     

  3. Requirements & Modifications: In discussion with the vendors you should be very precise and conscious about what you actually want in your house design so that the designer can come up with the best suitable outcome. Also, there can be something left to be conveyed, if it happened you can ask for modification as per your requirements this time more precisely.


Want to learn more about house design, home design, and interior design?

Designing a home can be interesting as well as difficult to do, Nakshewala.com is the best online website you can take help from. We do provide customized house design services, keeping in mind new lifestyles, trends, requirements, and most importantly you and your family’s taste.  We will be having a few rounds of discussion to understand what you want in your very house.

So, do not waste time going here and there, reach us through call- +91 - 8010822233, mail-support@nakshewala.com.

Give a thumbs up if you found the information useful, comment below, share your feedback, ask us in the comment section.

22 Jul

In today’s modern era, each and every individual loves to be updated with the newest trends in everything and so in architecture designs. We are updating you with the latest house designs trends, be it in modern or classic design.

Let us talk about classic designs first, nakshewala.com has designed a number of projects in the latest trends of classic house designs having beautiful and graceful inner and outer appearance. This is one kind of design you must check and try. In this design, we use simple and aesthetic colors for walls, beautiful claddings over some space, and the nice touch of astonishing tiles in a very simple yet gorgeous way. Classic home designs are best suitable for a family who loves simplicity and enjoys peace.

Another type of house design in trend is a modern design, it’s a type of home design that the new generation likes a lot. It usually filled with modern features and technologies and have all the trendy items showcased.  Today, modern technology is the basic need of everyone, we can’t live without the internet or something more essential in terms of technology, so these house designs are friendly to your every newest want and need. You must check-out nakshewala’s latest collection of modern house designs.

Do not forget to share your valuable feedback over the information provided above.

20 Oct

Recreating your living space or constructing a brand new house,  you will always need an idealogy upon how to give sparkle in your interiors, and for that purpose, we are here to help you out. Nakshewala.com sets an example in designing beautiful and breathtaking interiors for commercial buildings as well as residential buildings. At Nakshewala, Interior designers make interior spaces functional, safe, and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting decorative items, such as colors, lighting, and materials. Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works. Design is something that makes things beautiful.

Whether it is a house, restaurant, hospital, shop, or anything we can assure you to provide every kind of interior design. 
Here we are gonna tell you some of the key points to keep in mind while doing your interiors:

1. First of all decide to have a specific idea about the layout of your space, like if it is a living room then you must know what all things you want there and in which orientation. The layout should be made in such a manner that nothings get left and space doesn't get more affected. There should be a lively space left. If you don't get this on your own do hire an interior designer for the same, Nakshewala Interior

2. Second is to define a set budget according to the design theme so that the designs as well as interiors get cost-effective. You should stick to that specific budget you made to avoid irrelevant expenses. Nakshewala.com tries to make a budget prior to the deciding theme so the material used in the design theme should be in accordance with the budget made.

3. The third thing that matters a lot is the theme of your interiors. Selecting a suitable thing according to your taste and mood can be as tricky as a maths problem but no worries we are here. The theme can be decided based on various factors, like the theme of your house's outer appearance, your locality, material availability, your family's special wishes and requirements, and most importantly the budget. Nakshewala.com gives you a variety of range for your house interiors in terms of budget, taste, and preferences. You can go through the Our Projects to know more about interior themes. 

4. When you are done with furniture layout, budget planning, and theme selection you should be very careful while selecting a 3d visualizer. As the execution depends upon the designs made in 3d and 2d of their concept should very clear and according to the theme and your budget.  3d will define the appearance of the interior and 2d will help in its working. You can opt for an online designer who can get your designs done online without any hype. Nakshewala.com can surely help you in this as well, we are an online interior designer, make 3ds and their 2d drawing while sticking to your budget, theme, and concept.
You can visit our Portfolio to see our various concepts of design.

5. The execution part is the most important part of the whole interior design. This is the time when our imagination turns into reality. You should choose an experienced contractor for the execution part because it is a very crucial process, mistakes and alterations will lead to irrelevant expenses and manpower.  Try to get a cost estimate of your design and try to follow that.  If in case you need a designer and execution from the same person you can surely visit interiordesignwala for that. They do interior design as well as execution.

That was all that I could share with you at the moment if you want to know more about our interior process you can visit Nakshewala and you can also contact us on this +91 - 8010822233 you can mail support@nakshewala.com us your query regarding your interiors we would be glad to answer. Check out our latest blogs.



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Stay home,  Stay safe, and Stay tuned.

20 Oct

Why is it important to have the best interior in your office?

Office infrastructure and the interior is the first thing that gives an impact over employees and clients as well. Interior can be a leading factor to attract the audience you want, you may have a preference about the people you want to welcome in your office, type of people you want as an employee, for this your interior can itself define the specifications you want to convey.


Your office interior can directly or indirectly improve your employee’s moods and energy. If you have mild office decor people will enjoy working and will have excitement to come office, therefore you should select a suitable theme as per the nature of your work which can help you to have good productivity of the whole team.

An attractive and alluring decor can give a very nice first impression on your clients, as the first thing that they will notice is the office interior, which can also be a factor contributing to successful client deals and interaction as well. Soothing office decoration and mild color combinations can leave your client in a positive state and he/she will be more interested in the conversation you are about to have. In short words, your office interior can influence employees as well as your client’s mood and actions, which will ultimately improve the overall productivity.

What should I do to get the best office interior designer?

Office design concepts can be tricky sometimes! To have a perfect office interior, you should hire a professional interior designer who can give you proper office decor ideas and interior design theme for the office as per your requirements. You can use modern office interior concepts and sometimes you can hire a turnkey office interior designer for complete designing and execution.


Starting with the basic, first, you should be clear in your mind about the requirements and give a detailed description of your preferences, taste, and budget, according to the information provided, the designer will come up with the first cut of design in 2D which reflect upon the layout of your offices like cabin location and size, no. of work station, conference room location and size, etc.

Theme selection is one of the major parts of the design, as the theme will define the overall look and feel of the office, hence be careful in doing so. Choose the theme which can best describe your personality and the nature of work you’re operating on. Your office theme can be modern or ultra-modern depending upon your taste & budget.

Having ideas and having a clear image of the ideas are two different things, and to have that clarity of ideas in image one should opt for 3D visualization of 2d layout in 3d via various 3D visualizing tools. Nowadays, people can draw your thought over the computer and present your future office interior in-front of you now and you can make a better decision. 3D visualization can help you to see the final look and feel of the site prior construction and save that extra cost of alteration that can happen if you do not have that clear picture with yourself.

The most important part of the office interior designing is the execution of designs, for that you will need 2d supporting drawing of the 3Ds made so that your contractor can execute the same onsite. You should also keep in mind that your supervisor is able to read and understand the drawings. You should also consider having a professional interior designer who can help you throughout the design and execution.

Binding up the topic I would love to know, what do you think about the information provided here, let me know if you found it useful. Do share your feedback in the comment section and hit the like button if you like the content.


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