Bungalow Homes: Everything You Need To Know

History Of Bungalows
Bungalow homes are a type of one- or one-and-a-half-story house. The word “bungalow” actually comes from the Hindi word “bangala,” meaning “of Bengal.” These houses were first built in Bengal, India, by the British during the British Raj in the 1800s. The bungalow style then spread to other parts of the British Empire, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Bungalow homes are usually characterized by their low-pitch roofs, wide eaves, and verandas or porches. They are often built with natural materials, such as wood, stone, and clay.

While bungalow homes are not as common in the United States as they are in other parts of the world, they are becoming increasingly popular as people look for alternatives to the traditional two-story house.

Types Of A Bungalow House

Bungalow-style homes are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a unique and stylish look. There are a few different types of bungalow-style homes, each with its own distinct features.

  • One popular type of bungalow is the Craftsman bungalow. The use of natural materials like wood and stone in these homes sets them apart. Additionally, they frequently have low-pitched roofs and large front porches.
  • Another type of bungalow is the Prairie bungalow. These homes are characterized by their clean lines and horizontal orientation. They often have large windows and minimal decoration.
  • Finally, the Cape Cod bungalow is a type of bungalow that is popular on the East Coast of the United States. Cape Cod bungalows are typically one-and-a-half stories.
  • Mission bungalows have tile roofs, colorful glass, and archways that were taken from Spanish architecture.

Characteristics Of Bungalow-Style Homes

  1. A bungalow's living areas are typically laid out with an open floor plan. Although the open design concept is not present in all bungalows, it is a feature of the style's history.
  2. The low-pitched, overhanging roof of a bungalow is one of its distinguishing characteristics.
  3. Bungalows have verandas that extend across the front of the house and are covered by a low-pitched roof. The veranda may wrap around the side of larger bungalows.
  4. Due to their one-and-a-half stories of height, bungalows are relatively low to the ground. Bungalows are easier to access due to their low profile.
  5. Bungalows have more square footage than the majority of multistory homes due to their shorter construction.

Pros And Cons Of Bungalow Homes

There are several reasons you might choose to move into a bungalow home. Maybe you're downsizing now that your kids are grown, or maybe you're looking for a home that's more convenient and easier to maintain. But before you make the switch, it's important to weigh the pros and cons of bungalow living.


  • Affordability: As mentioned before, bungalows are typically more affordable than other types of homes.
  • Accessibility: The single-floor layout of a bungalow makes it easier for people with mobility issues to live in it. Even though the bungalow is one and a half stories tall, the first floor still gets most of the living space.
  • Potential for growth: Bungalows are a great choice for people who want to add on to their homes because they have the space to do so either inside or outside. Adding a garage, loft, sunroom, or dormer is one option. Getting started with the mortgage approval process can help you determine your home expansion budget, despite the fact that home additions incur additional costs.


there are some more considerations when it comes to selecting this type of home style.

  • Lack of space: Bungalows can be harder to sell than other types of homes, and they often lack the extra space that some families need.
  • Smaller bedrooms & bathrooms: Bungalow bedrooms and bathrooms can be too restrictive for some homeowners due to their design.
  • Privacy & Security Concerns: Because all of the rooms and windows are on the first floor, some people may feel that the bungalows don't provide enough privacy and are more likely to be broken into. To provide more privacy, many homeowners of bungalows plant trees or other landscaping accessories. Any home, including bungalows, can benefit from having a home security system installed.

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