Calculate House Construction Cost

How much cost will be required to construction a house, or it depends on the area of ??the house, number of stories and type of house, etc.


The average cost of building a house in India is Rs. 1000 to 1500 per sqft for a normal house. This includes all types of expenses such as building materials, contractors, and map-making.


The cost of a labour contractor for works like construction of house structure, tiles fitting, wiring, plumbing, painting is around Rs 220 to 340 per sq ft. And for a simple house plan, an architect or engineer charges Rs 5 to 10 per square feet.


The rest is spent on constructing materials like sand, cement, bars, bricks, etc. House Construction cost can be calculated by multiplying the house construction rate on given by the contractor in a plot or total construction area of the house.


Cost to build a house = Area of plot x Construction Rate


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