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How Do You Design a House Architecture

  • 19 Feb 2021
  • Admin

How Do You Design a House Architecture

Architecture designing is not a piece of cake and at the same time, it is not that hard for those who know the correct technique to do it. Before understanding how to design house architecture, we need to understand what does architecture designing means. Architecture is a science of managing the given space and accommodating all the requirements of an individual within it. Different people have different requirements and want the space to acquire all of their needs. Here comes the role of architect, who understand the requirements you have customize the layout accordingly. Architecture designs includes, complete space planning, furniture layout, exterior planning (elevation), structure drawings, working and plumbing & electrical drawings. All these drawings stated above a necessary for smooth construction of your house.

What as space planning / floor plan means?

Floor Plan is a layout which reflects the division of units, their dimension, and door & window location. A floor plan is a very first step towards architecture designing, and it enables you to understand the space better. Space gives the opportunity to make the most out of the given area, and have a correct final layout for construction. Furniture placement is also an important factor in architecture as it will show you how all the space will be occupied by the required furniture.

In planning and furniture layout vastu plays a significant role. Vastu is a science setting things in order to obtain a most auspicious home. Vastu have various rules to place different parts of house, such as kitchen. As per vastu kitchen should be placed in South-Easth that is the agni kund and most suitable for kitchen. Vastu house plan is the best to be the base of architecture.

A good floor plan is that, which have spacious layout, sufficient ventilation and vastu compliancy.

What does exterior planning or elevation mean and how it can be beneficial?

Exterior/Elevation plays an important role in architecture. Elevation simply means, the outer appearance, look & feel of the house. How a house will look after execution can be easily be understood with the help of an elevation. A 3d Elevation shows color combination, door window designs, materials that been used, and balcony designs.

Having an elevation of your house prior to its construction can benefit you in several ways. It helps to save the cost of alteration onsite, it gives no of possibilities to enhance the look and feel of your house and much more.

Elevation designing is the second major step toward your house architecture. It enables you to visualize the constructed house prior its construction.

Are structural drawings necessary in architecture?

Yes, all structural drawings are important in architecture. By Structural drawings we mean all the minute details of construction. Structural drawings consist the details of column, beam, footing, foundation, slab, staircase, and concrete.

There are working drawings as well to support the structure, the have all the dimension and material details so that one can perform the construction smoothly. These drawings are basis to start the construction and complete it.

Now comes the last but not the least of architecture designing, that is plumbing & electrical details. Plumbing drawings contains the details of inflow & outflow of water, its drainage, sever line connection, septic tank details, rain water harvesting, waste water flow, etc.

Electrical drawings consist of all the switch points, wiring path and loops, MCB details and ceiling light details. In other words, we can say that all architecture drawings are equally important to have your dream home in reality.  

So this was all about the architecture designing, hope you find it relevant and suits your requirement.


Let me know how do you find this blog useful, also share your question in the comment section if you have any, we would love clarify all the queries. 

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