Modern elevation designing

3d front elevation the house exterior design which gives a feel that yes you have invested you amount in a good way. Mr. Ajeet one of our esteemed client has a plot with the good size. His concern to make a 3d front elevation which covers 3d house design as well as complete vastu 3d front elevation.  Concern regarding the house design is a big headache now a day’s people have a different mindset regarding the house design. When we started the 3d front elevation we faces many challenges regarding the vastu because of the plot direction which is west facing plot but the end always good we did it at the end. Let me take you a tour with the 3d front elevation which we made for mr. Ajeet.

In the elevation we have designed two floors where the ground floor made for two bedrooms and two commercial purposes. The complete design made by the uses of wooden tiles, wall paints, wooden planks, cnc jaali, grooving, glass, etc.

In 3d front elevation nakshewala team specifically consider the privacy for each bedroom. In the elevation we have separately given balcony to each bedroom which make elevation beautiful. In the vastu elevation we have to consider some points which comes under vastu planning i.e. Staructure must be heavy as the side of south and southwest  for that we have given the pergola at southwest corner to follow the vastu.

At the end we would like to say that when we are planning a good house from internally we must be same focused for the exterior design too that’s why 3d elevation gives you a complete new view to your house.


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