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Types of bricks used in Building Construction

  • 03 Dec 2021
  • Admin

Types of bricks used in Building Construction

Sun-Dried Bricks

Also known as unburnt bricks, those are one of the maximum primitive examples of bricks, this kind of brick became not burnt in kilns however had been dried with inside the solar for hardening. Sun-dried bricks are much less durable, have less water resistance and less fire resistance. These are generally utilized in rural regions or in structures which might be temporary. The procedure of creating those bricks includes three easy steps, i.e. education of clay, molding, and subsequently solar drying.

Burnt Clay Bricks

Burnt clay bricks are the oldest and maximum broadly used production material. These are advanced excellent bricks and are used with inside the production of many crucial structural individuals like walls, columns, foundation, etc. Burnt bricks are labeled into four distinctive types, those are:

First-Class Bricks – This class of burnt clay bricks complies with all the quality of good bricks. These are table molded and are burnt in kilns. These bricks maintain widespread form, clean surfaces, and sharp edges and are extra long lasting and feature extra strength.

Second-Class Bricks – These bricks are of slight excellence. These are floor-molded, after which they are burnt in brick kilns. The form of those bricks is irregular, and the floor isn’t clean, however difficult. In addition to this, those bricks could have hair cracks. This magnificence of bricks is utilized in locations in which the brickwork is included with a coat of plaster.

Third-Class Bricks – As the call suggests, those are bad quality bricks which might be typically used for systems which can be quickly constructed. Note, those aren't appropriate for regions that acquire numerous rain. Third

Class bricks are molded at the floor and are in addition burnt in clamps. The floors of this class of bricks are difficult and those have edges which can be unfair.

Fourth-Class Bricks – These are over-burnt, irregular shaped and darkish in color. This magnificence of bricks is used because of the mixture for concrete in foundations, roads, floors, etc. Owing to its compact structure, those bricks are every now and then determined to be more potent than the best bricks.

Fly Ash Bricks

Fly ash brick is a construction material that is especially utilized in masonry units. It carries class C or class F fly ash and water that is fired at around 1,000 degree Celsius. Due to the excessive awareness of calcium oxide in class C fly ash, this kind of bricks is from time to time defined as “self-cementing”. Typically makes use of fly ash clay bricks in structural walls, pillars, and foundations.

Concrete Bricks

Concrete bricks are made using solid concrete along with elements like cement, sand, coarse aggregates, and water. The sizes of those bricks may be tailored in keeping with the size requirements. These are normally utilized in facades, hidden/inner brickworks, fences, and generally tend to offer a brilliant aesthetic presence.

Engineering Bricks

These have excessive compressive strength and are used for unique applications wherein energy, acid resistance, low porosity, frost resistance is essential. Engineering bricks are normally used for basements, that is due to the fact that in those regions chemical or water assaults are pretty prevalent.

Calcium Silicate Bricks

Calcium Silicate Bricks additionally normally called Sand lime bricks, those are made through blending lime, sand, and fly ash. This kind of bricks is used for numerous functions in production industries like masonry works, decorative works in buildings, etc.

Porotherm Smart Bricks Or Eco Bricks

Porotherm hollow bricks are clever walling material that peruses the benefits of natural clay. These are perforated hollow bricks, which may be both horizontally perforated (HP) or vertically perforated (VP). The reality that they're products of natural materials and are hollow from the inside makes them always greater green than the traditional solid bricks and blocks.

It is utilized in hundreds of residential and industrial projects. Easy utility of the bricks and ordinary support from technical specialists have made Porotherm Bricks a sought-after walling material for residence owners in metros and tier 2 cities.

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