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What Are the types And Advantages of False Ceiling

  • 19 Nov 2021
  • Admin

What Are the types And Advantages of False Ceiling

There are some popular ceilings are Plaster of Paris; Gypsum; Wood; Fiber; Metal; Glass; PVC; Fabric and synthetic leather false ceilings.

Plaster of Paris (POP)

It is the most important materials which used in both commercial and residential areas. POP comes in a powder form which is add water and heated until it get proper textures to paste on the roof. It is good conductor source of heat and cold. POP can give different finishes with smooth finishing in any shapes and size. It is excellent material for utilizing the light conditions.

Gypsum Ceiling

It is available in an evaporate mineral. It is a popular material for thermal and sound insulation, soft, flexible, texture, plain, curved, stepped, coffered, lightweight and fire resistance. It is available in colorless, shades of brown, white, red, yellow and grey materials. Likewise, it enhanced and gives best finishing with laminated and paints.

Wooden Ceiling

It has an excellent natural patterns and textures that gives eye-catching view. Wood is a good source of material to work. It can come in the form of any size, shapes, hollow blocks, boards, panels etc. Easy to install with adjust of screws and nails. Wooden are most suitable for cold climates or hilly places. We can give finished work in several ways including with painting in any shades of colors. But it is more expensive material and higher cost in maintenance. If you have good budget, we suggested used wooden material, it gives your interior room rich and sophistical look.

Fibre ceiling tiles

It also known as acoustic or soundproofing ceiling. It acquired toughness, hardness and fire resistance for making suitable for commercial building. Fibre generally apply in noisy places such as showrooms, shopping malls and offices. Now, Fibre ceiling gaining popularity among commercial area beneficial. But it is not good for residential area.

PVC false ceiling panels

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the best plastic material for ceilings in like garages, basements, kitchens and bathrooms. It is easy to install and maintaining. They are lightweight, fire-resistant, moisture and termites. PVC also be finish in a flexibility variety of ways in design.

Metal ceiling tiles

It made by aluminum and galvanized iron are use in ceilings. It is easy to install, remove and maintain. It is ideal type for house water pipes, AC ducts and electric wires away from public glare. Furthermore, it finished in an innovative way and eye catchy.

These false ceiling are more demand among youngster and society for their house interior designing. It is gives Goosebumps in every person when they saw the roof ceiling. A good ceiling will create a great impression and make it worth.


Now, we talk about the benefits of false ceiling, there are things you get known about it -

1.) It is also known as T-bar, suspended ceiling or a grid ceiling

2.) It is easy to install.

3.) It can change your room look and feel amazing completely.

4.) This T-bar false ceiling gives your room a modern look with royal feeling.

5.) Ceiling design made every room to look like a king’s palace by opting for a hidden and suspended ceiling.

6.) A grid ceiling is available in different materials and shapes and sizes.

7.) The most beneficial about this ceiling is it hides duct work, electric wires and pipes lines with neat and give a clean look.

8.) It is play major role in sound absorption, it is design to add to remove extra noise and makes the room quiet way.  

9.) The installation of ceiling, is important to look the height of the roof (top to bottom).

10.) It required least height space about 9 feet for installation.

11.) Last thing is very important, while designing false ceiling is budget. All ceiling designing work upon on your low or high budget.

12.) It required least maintenance and repairing things.

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