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What is Vastu Shastra and which direction you should follow

  • 29 Nov 2021
  • Admin

What is Vastu Shastra and which direction you should follow

If you're a person who believes in Vastu  Shastra and additionally plans on buying a brand new home, then definitely would possibly need to examine further. With independent houses, it will become a lot simpler to observe primary vastu for home, in view that you've got the freedom to construct it from scratch. Read those suggestions on how you may get a vastu-pleasant home.

Vastu Tips for Home #1: Direction of the House

According to vastu shastra for home, the entrance to a residence isn't supposed only for people but also for energy. Energies flow inside and out through the primary door. The beneficial instructions for having the primary front are north, east or north-east. Make sure you take a look at this earlier than you buy your new home. If you purchase a readymade home, you could renovate to alternate the path of the doorway.

Vastu Tips for Home #2: What direction should the rooms face?

Did you recognize that each room needs to be constructed in a sure direction in keeping with residence vastu? It is great to take those vastu instructions into attention at the same time as buying your home. Let us tell you approximately a number of the unique rooms:

Kitchen: Ideally, the kitchen has to be located with inside the south-east path of the residence. Never purchase a residence in which the kitchen is constructed with inside the north path.

Master bedroom: The master bedroom has to be constructed with inside the south-west path. Never with inside the south-east, due to the fact that that path is ruled through the fire element.

Kids room: Your children’s room has to be located with inside the south-west path. Make sure that your youngsters sleep with their head in the direction of the south or east, for peace of mind.

Toilet: According to home vastu, the toilet/restroom has to be placed with inside the west or north-west path. Avoid buying houses which have bathrooms constructed in different instructions due to the fact that there are no corrective measures which could negate the consequences of this dosha.

Vastu Tips for Home #3: How about shapes and forms?

Vastu shastra professionals also spell out hints at the form of your rooms. Although the rooms appear extra stylish and trendier, they're not compliant with residence vastu. Make sure your rooms comply with instantly lines and are square or rectangle in form.

Vastu Tips for Home #4: Where do the overhead water tanks need to be installed?

Amongst the maximum crucial vastu hints for home is the location of the overhead water tank. Ideally, you need to area the overhead tank with inside the west or south-west path of the house. If you place it with inside the south-west path then make certain you place it feet above the top most slab.

Vastu Tips for Home #5: Don’t forget air flow

Proper ventilation and enough daylight are important factors in line with vastu shastra. These carry superb power into the residence. They also facilitate the inflow of money. So, there are numerous reasons to make certain that your new house is well-ventilated.

Vastu Tips for Home #6: Mind the Septic Tank

A septic tank holds the waste from the kitchen and toilet still it's far flushed out. Therefore, vastu experts consider that it harbours negativity. If located incorrectly, a septic tank could have detrimental consequences for the people living at home. As per Vastu Shastra for houses, the septic tank needs to simplest be located with inside the north-west path at home. Make sure it no longer touches the compound wall at any cost.

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Vastu-compliant houses have turned out to be a rage with inside the actual property marketplace today. However, despite the fact that people are consciously seeking out such houses, rarely do they understand the importance of every vastu feature.

Nowadays, vastu has become a major determining factor for getting a home. Anything that is meant to make certain prosperity and happiness is sure to grab the eye of an ordinary Indian buyer. It consequently does not come as a surprise that vastu compliance has become a high criterion amongst home customers.

However, most of those buyers do not recognize the finer information of the technological know-how and for this reason end up depending on the word of the developer about the vastu compliance of the property. Though there is lots of buzz with inside the marketplace about vastu-compliant properties, not more than 5%  of the house customers are aware of the information of the technological know-how.

The Preference for vastu-criticism houses differ on the idea of demographics and occupation. For instance, businessmen and ladies in the residence are extra inclined toward those houses”.

So, in case you are making plans to put money into a vastu-compliant property, here are some elements that could assist you test the compliance of the property.

How are you able to test the Vastu compliance of the property?

1. Make sure that the toilet/bathroom isn't with inside the north-east corner of the residence. Ideally, it has to be with inside the east of south-east, south of south-west or west of the north-west corner of the residence. It is usually recommended to keep away from such houses/residences as there's no treatment to be had to negate the poor effect of this.

2. Ideally, the entrance of your home/apartment needs to be with inside the north-east corner. However, you can pick out the entrance as in step with your profession:

Business – North going through entrance

Politics - East going through entrance

Artist/Creative - South going through entrance

Management - West going through entrance

3. No bedroom is to be located in the south of the south West path and the master bedroom need not be in the north-east corner. This is assumed to  cause  loss  of money, terrible health, sleep deprivation and no professional growth. Adding to it, that The children’s bedroom has to not be in the west of the north-west corner. Ideally, it needs to be in the south-west in order that a child’s head is toward the east or south path.

4. The kitchen needs to be preferably located in the south or south-east corner, it could also be in the west, but strictly keep away from an apartmentin which the kitchen is located in the north corner.

These 4 are the fundamental elements which have an effect on the vastu compliance of a residence. However, those elements make a home approximately 30-40 per cent compliant. In order to make your home a hundred steps with cent vastu friendly, you want to ensure inner changes other than the structural elementscited above. These include putting a wind chime at the entrance or centre of the living room, etc.

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