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Vastu for New House Construction

Let us harmonize your house construction by our vastu experts

....Vastu for easy going construction

The main concern we face during the construction of our house, is from where we should start the process and how we start? As per Vastu, it is suggested not to place construction materials and equipment in the North-East Direction during the construction. If use North-East as storage it creates trouble and slows down the construction process.

One should avoid placing construction tools in a North-East direction as Vastu says, it can lead to misunderstanding and false assumptions. One should start the foundation work from North-East to South West, its idol as per Vastu. Vastu says after foundation work, one should go for pillars and walls in the west or south direction post that.  So that these directions stay higher than the rest throughout the construction process.

In Vastu shastra water symbolizes prosperity. Vastu states that one should establish a water tank in the North or North-East direction just after the Bhoomi Poojan process.

To facilitate the construction process with utmost ease and on a low budget, one should start RCC or Ceiling work from South or West direction first and North or West last. Vastu also idolizes the storeroom establishment in the South-West, it governs the inmates from quarrels and financial crisis. Also, to start flooring, POP work, and false ceiling South-West is the most preferred location.

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