Why Buy from Nakshewala.com?

Architectural services provider, NaksheWala.com reputedly is in the market since 2012, growing bit by bit each day, gaining more of more knowledge, projects appreciations from client over the country and across the world.

Nakshewala.com is highly committed for client’s satisfaction and fulfilling all the requirements in order to get their dream projects done.

We are 100% committed to your satisfaction for quality and service, as we design every house like we ourselves going to live in that home. We are the industry’s one of the most trusted and leading source for Customized House Plans, Small House Plans, Duplex House Plans, 3D Front Elevations, all type of Architecture Designing and Interior Designing. Here are some other points you should go through with so that you feel confident while designing with us:

Reason to Choose Us?

Online Service Provider

When you go with a local vendor or etc, I can bet you need to kill your half of the time in travelling, so the solution is here NaksheWala.com. Being an online architectural consultancy we discuss thi...read more


Expert Guidance of Profession Team

We have innovative & expert team of professional architects so we provide expert guidance to make your dream home and Completed solution of Architecture Designing with detailed drawings. Our Expert te...read more


Thousands of Exclusive Designs

NaksheWala.com successfully completed more than thousands of projects in various cities of India and across the world, no one can match the experience, quality, creativity of our architecture plans, 3...read more


Customer Satisfaction Oriented Service

As we have stated above NaksheWala.com is highly devoted towards customer’s satisfaction and we understand the anxiety and uncertainly most of the customers face when they are going to build their dre...read more


Cost Effective Plans with Competitive Service Charges

NaksheWala.com understands that each every individual has its own taste, need, preference and budget, hence, here we are designing ”Customized Floor Plans” ”Customized 3D Elevations” “Customized Inter...read more


On Time and Faster Delivery of Drawings

Why would you wait for days or weeks for a home plan when you can get in hours? So many things can lead to delays during the construction process, why let the design phase be one of them? By being an...read more


Builders and Architect Trust Us

No one sells more plans to the professional builder community than us. That’s because builders know they can trust our drawings to be comprehensive, accurate, competitive and complete.For any queries ...read more


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