Commercial Floor Plans

enquire-now.png commercial floor plans collection contains a variety of styles that do not fit clearly into our other design styles. offers customized commercial building floor plans to fit your needs and budget. customized approach to design allows you to select the styles and type of floor plans that best fits to your present needs as well as future growth and styles. When we designed commercial building plans, our technical team discussed each and every aspect of your needs, comfort and budget so that you will experience a complete satisfaction from the planning stages through the completion. Our expert technical team do design and handle every project professionally and efficiently.

Usually small commercial building plans are provide a one or two units for resident, or offices while the larger designs designed a large number of offices in same buildings or residential planning which normally have provision of  accommodate a number of tenants in that.

Our commercial buildings floor plans are designed to satisfy a variety of needs ranging from hospitals, offices, banks and retail outlets to small businesses so these commercial building plans accommodate a broad range of business needs. Our commercial building floor plans accommodate various businesses and other groups such as restaurant plans, banks building plans, shopping complex plans, schools floor plans, college floor plans, show rooms plans and Hospitals plans etc. commercial floor plans are available in a range of sizes, styles and design.

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Commercial Building Floor Plan

  • Plot Size 8400
  • Dimensions 70*120
  • Floors 2
  • Bedrooms No


Office Layout

  • Plot Size 600
  • Dimensions 30x20
  • Floors -
  • Bedrooms No


Office Floor Plan

  • Plot Size 750
  • Dimensions 30x25
  • Floors 1
  • Bedrooms 0


Banquet Hall

  • Plot Size 6400
  • Dimensions 80x80
  • Floors 1
  • Bedrooms No


Commercial Floor Plan

  • Plot Size 15000
  • Dimensions 100x150
  • Floors 10
  • Bedrooms No

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