Contemporary House Elevation


Contemporary or modern house Designs promote flexible living space and provision of natural light.  The exteriors are a mixture of stone cladding, brick and wood. In this type of House Exterior we are focusing on simple, large windows, flat gabled roof with asymmetrical shape which looked like a modern look luxurious house. collections of contemporary house design are very huge with proper use of plot space, airy, natural light and different type of geometrical design exterior projections. This type of House exterior designs offers a unique design suitable for both families and individuals. Contemporary designs are perfect for those who want to embrace pure modern style. Our collection of contemporary house elevation features simple exteriors and truly functional, spacious exterior visually connected by massive window displays. The contemporary houses are built around the open floor plan, which expands usable square footage to the maximum in shared spaces.

In Contemporary house exterior, rooflines are often flat or with a gable that is off-centre and with a low pitch. There is usually minimal decorative detailing, with interest provided by the unique geometry and large window placement.

You will find that contemporary homes can be very unique on their own, but some also share qualities of European, and other types of construction so long as the basic modern qualities are maintained, you can check some elegant contemporary house elevation...

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Duplex House Ddesign

  • Plot Size 2200
  • Dimensions 40x55
  • Floors 2
  • Bedrooms 6


Duplex House Design

  • Plot Size 5000
  • Dimensions 50x100
  • Floors 2
  • Bedrooms 7


Modern House Elevation

  • Plot Size 1800
  • Dimensions 30x60
  • Floors 2
  • Bedrooms 5


Contemporary House Design

  • Plot Size 2650
  • Dimensions 35X75
  • Floors 2
  • Bedrooms 4


Contemporary House Elevation

  • Plot Size 1950
  • Dimensions 30 X65
  • Floors 2
  • Bedrooms 5


Twin House

  • Plot Size 900
  • Dimensions 30X30
  • Floors 2
  • Bedrooms 3


Morden House Design

  • Plot Size 2400
  • Dimensions 40x60
  • Floors 2
  • Bedrooms 4


Luxury House Design

  • Plot Size 2700
  • Dimensions 45x60
  • Floors 2
  • Bedrooms 5


Contemporary House Design

  • Plot Size 2450
  • Dimensions 35x70
  • Floors 2
  • Bedrooms 5

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