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Vastu Shastra contributes to the architecture so that the inmates can enjoy health wealth and prosperity. Inmates of Vastu oriented house enjoy peace and happiness in the family. Talking about directions, then East is the most auspicious direction among all. Building a house or any building, the east should have given first preference for the entrance as you can get the maximum amount of sunlight.

East is generally governed by the heavenly body sun so its results are generally favorable for the inmates. As east-facing provide maximum sunlight, that always adds to the growth and prosperity of the house. East direction is also very effective for studies and desk work, as it favors the growth of creative faculties in a person and also increases his/her efficiency in a drastic manner.

East facing triggers your inborn talent and enhances your intellectual caliber. If you have a plot facing east then its layout will be something like this: Main entrance should be located in the middle of the east side of the plot, middle location is the most auspicious as it is held by the sun (god of fame), a bit side of northeast also can be used for entrance it can be a second-best location for entrance, avoid southeast direction to place entrance as it can be a source of illness for the entire family.

The kitchen should be located to the southeast corner of the plot, if it is not possible then it can be located to the northwest corner. Also, remember to face east while having a south-east kitchen and face towards the west while having a north-west kitchen whenever you are cooking. Pooja Room should be located in North-East as it is the most auspicious location for Pooja. North-West location is auspicious for the living room and even you can locate a guest bedroom too in the north-west direction as it is held by the moon.

South-West is the best location for Master Bedroom, south-west slope helps in the blood circulation. Garage, dresser, stairs, and walk-in closets can also be located in the southwest. Stairs and over-head should be located to the south as they have heavy structures. West can be utilized to place the dining room, study room, and kids' bedroom.

North the location of mercury can be used for the drawing-room, living room, and office. Hall is the location where all other parts of the house should be connected and therefore should be placed in the middle of the plot. These are the various tips for everyone to get the best outcome of your house rather happy house. Hope the information provided here will be of use to you and you will be kept in mind while designing your house.

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Vastu Shastra contributes to the architecture so that the
inmates can enjoy health wealth and prosperity. In...

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