Art of setting things

The facing of the plot actually matters a lot while building your ideal house. People who believe in Vastu shastra also we all should do, the direction of the main door of the house is the main consideration. Generally, people have some misconceptions about the west-facing houses, that they are bad in terms of Vastu. Actually having west facing house is a third choice followed by North facing and East facing house but at the same time, it can be the best choice too if the tips of Vastu followed strictly. Not so good house can be very auspicious at times. Here we are describing some Vastu guidelines where to locate all the parts of the house like where to place rooms, kitchen, pooja, entrance etc. Along with the Vastu guidelines we will be sharing scientific logic behind them. Many people find it difficult to recognize the orientation of the house or site so that they can make most out of it. There is a myth about the west-facing house which has been made by so-called “Vastu-specialist” that it is not good to have a west-facing house but its an utterly false. Actually, as per Vastu all directions are equally auspicious and equally good, the auspiciousness of a house doesn’t depend upon facing it is totally depends upon the location of the things, settings parts productively. In order to figure out where to place entrance of the house imagine and divide the west length of the house from the north-west corner to south-west corner into nine equal parts, these equal parts, each known as pada, now give them count from north-west to south-west 1-9. Now the best position you can have for entrance is 3,4,5 & 6 padas, the entrance can also be located in 1 & 2 pada as a second choice. Try to avoid 7,8 & 9 padas for entrance. Place the kitchen in the south-east if it is not possible then locate the kitchen in the north-west direction, do not forget to face towards the east and while cooking when you have a kitchen in the south-east and north-west respectively. Master bedroom will be best in the south-west and if the house has multiple floors then locate the master bedroom on the top floor. Kids room and guest bedroom can be placed in the north-west part of the house.

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The facing of the plot actually matters a lot while building your
ideal house. People who believe in Vastu shastra al...

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