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Vastu for South Facing House

Getting the things done in a fruitful manner

South facing house too can be most auspicious

Over a period of time, South facing houses have earned a very bad reputation and many people believe that – each and every – South facing house is bad, actually it is not true it’s a huge “misconception”. In fact if we consider vastu shastra, a South facing house also can be the very auspicious house if an only if, it follows certain and very specific vastu principles. Therefore if you get a chance to live in or buy a South facing house which is following all the vastu, then there’s nothing best to it. Vastu shastra always indicated that all directions are equally auspicious and equally good. Vastu believes that each and every direction has its own value and known facts, none of them is inauspicious. The main thing that matters the most in the vastu is the position of the main entrance, one and only factor which defines the auspiciousness of the entire house. So while placing the entrance of the house make sure that you aren’t making any mistake. To simply the positioning of the main entrance let us assume and divide the south direction into south-east to south-west nine equal steps, each step called pada in vastu-shastra.  The best suitable position for main entrance is at 4th pada, it is best and most auspicious. You can also use 1,2 and 3 pada for the entrance gate, second best choice for entrance. Avoid main entrance in any pada from 5th to 9th cause they are the most inauspicious.   Another point to keep in mind is to not place any water related things in the south west corner. For car parking any of the sides can be used apart from south. Keep kitchen in the south-east or north-west direction. Make the master bedroom at south-west corner of the house or if house has multiple floors then place master bedroom at the top most floor of the house. Pooja room can be located at North-East along with other valubles. North-west is good for guest bedroom and kids bedroom.  These are the various vastu guidelines one can use to make out most of his/her newly built house.  Vastu is something which can make it happen.    

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