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Vastu for North Facing House

Getting designs in auspicious way

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Vastu is a science of setting things, it is very useful for architectural drawing to bring more harmony, peace, abundance and prosperity to the inmates of the house. If someone given a chance to choose the facing of their house, they will surely choose north facing as it is known as the most auspicious facing for any type of building. This is a partly true fact that north facing house is very auspicious, even a north facing house can be inauspicious if and only if, it is not obeying the several important facts of vastu. Let us discuss here the various points which makes a north facing house most auspicious. Going towards the various important aspects of the vastu for north facing house, it must be stated that north is the direction of lord kuber which indicates money and wealth. In north facing housed you can place entrance anywhere you want in the north direction, however, 5th pada [step] is most suitable for the entrance, after that you 1, 2, 3 & 4th pada can be utilized for entrance. If somehow these stated positions are not available you can place entrance in 6, 7, 8 & 9th pada too,it won’t harm but not so auspicious as per vastu norms. Kitchen is best suitable to locate in the south east corner if it is not available than only north west can be used for kitchen. Do not forget to face in the east while you are cooking if you are in south east kitchen and face towards west while you are cooking in north west kitchen. Avoid having a kitchen in the north-east corner of the house, not so good as per vastu. Apart from kitchen you can place a divine pooja room in the north-east corner complimented by a living room too. You can make guest bedroom in the north west of the house also kids bedroom can be placed here too. The best suitable position for master bedroom is the south west, if your house is multi storey than it should be placed at the top floor. Do not make staircase and heavy strcutures especially in the 1-5 padas. Please keep in mind no direction is bad its just scientific fact behind setting things according to direction, I am sure the information was useful for you all.

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